Maybe it was today’s sunrise that was so beautiful that it spoke to you about something long lain dormant. An ache….for something. Or a child’s laugh that made you wonder when you last laughed like that. Perhaps it is the sense that you have yet to embrace your potential and don’t know what is keeping you back. Perhaps you have pains or are tired in a way that just doesn’t seem right for your age. Or maybe you sense that there is something deeply spiritual about yourself…if you could only connect with what.

We are calling the seekers, the curious, the tired and those that just wonder “what if….”. Come and discover a deeper you. A more fuller you. A next-level you.
Isn’t it time to move BeYond?

The good news is, you already have everything you need. Our job is simply (but critically) to help you escape the gravity of your ‘ordinary’.
To help you bring movement to your stagnation.
To help you tap into your potential.
Our job is to help you move to your own BeYond.
We have spent our entire lives preparing to help you in as holistic way as possible. You have spent your entire life coming to the point where you are ready – perhaps even dying – to move to the next level.

We think it’s fantastic that you’re wanting to move past your current situation:
Past the idea that you are only this or that.
Past the idea that life’s offerings are limited.
Past the idea that you’ve discovered all there is.

Welcome to BeYond.

To my surprise, my second time was even deeper than the first – I honestly didn’t think that this was possible. Despite Tanya and Michael’s lightness, the work they do is remarkably deep. Almost impossible to describe, yet immensely powerful.

– Andrea US