Many have spent a life looking for happiness outside themselves and pursued the search for fulfillment and connection through education, career, marriage, material goods or addictions (food, drugs, social media, exercise…) hoping it would bring them the sense of balance, happiness, fulfillment and peace.

In vain…


So Michael and Tanya’s vision was to create a modern ashram for our time – a place of true retreat where one can focus safely on healing, self-knowledge and spirituality.

Working together with the combined energies of both Tanya and Michael is unlike anything you will have experienced before. Their methods are deeply complementary and their respective feminine and masculine energies augment each other. Going BeYond with the two of them is going to a place where the highest knowledge can be accessed and the deepest healing can occur.

Modern spiritual Masters that bridge Eastern and Western traditions, Tanya and Michael have condensed their extensive knowledge of esoteric matters and spirituality into a simple, yet powerful process, delivered in loctions that are themselves powerfully healing and positively energetic. The exceptional energies in Bagno Vignoni (Italy) and Patnem Beach (India) heighten Tanya and Michael’s own powerful transformative energies; together the healing resonance created is on par with the very best ashrams and holy places around the world.

Their teachings synthesize all their knowledge, skills and channeling of the divine into a unique and transformative 3-step process:

1. Releasing what should be released;
2. Replenishing by connecting to heart and source energy;
3. Providing the tools to continue the journey after the retreat ends.


His expertise:

Spiritual Science, Esoteric Science, Political Science, Naturopathy & Health Science, Energy Healing & Reiki, Couple Counseling & Tantra, Life Coaching, Meditation, Water Therapy, Dynamic Power &  Zen Therapy.

Michael was born as a Spiritual Master with a very clear mission: to bring consciousness, empathy, health and peace to this world with his ability to access the Higher Knowledge. His vision and mission is as well to be a role model for the New world.

Throughout his life, he has received Esoteric Knowledge from ancient Masters. Wisdom from The Secret Archives of the Vatican. Firsthand insider knowledge through his work for government agencies.

Born as an Aristocrat; grown up with Rudolf Steiner educations; graduated on an International School in Rome; studied architecture.

Got his first big initiation on his 18th birthday in the streets of Rome, where he literally go hit by a lightning.

He has traveled to India and other parts of the world where he studied the Ancient Knowledge, the Esoteric Secrets and Spiritual Disciplines. Michael has lived years in North Africa, France and India and of course Italy. He has spent time with outstanding personalities, that came into his life by fate to share knowledge.

A speaker of truth, Michael’s drive is to “shake” people out of their limited belief system and allow them to see a wider perspective and deeper truth.

A natural empath since childhood, he largely ignored his gifts until tragedy struck; Trough the dead loss – in this case of his first wife, who died unexpected in his arms – this deep trauma broke him open and enabled him to see, and fully embrace & understand the spiritual journey for himself and others..

Michael is truly gifted in taking the body and mind BeYond. His sessions focus on freeing the body and soul so that you are able to reach a deeper state of consciousness.

His deep knowledge as a Naturopath, gives you the chance to understand your health patterns, heal fully and find your true balance in all aspects of life.

As a true Renaissance person, he has created a modern version of Satsang enabling you to see the truth from many different perspectives and helping you paint a whole new picture.

Tanya and Michael have together developed the Ancient Tantra knowledge into a complete modern BeYond version, that gives them as well the uniqueness regarding this subject.

Michael is married with Tanya and father of two children They live and work between Goa, India and Tuscany, Italy.

Born in Rome 1958


Her expertise:

Channel of God, Clairvoyant therapy, Spiritual Yoga & Meditation Therapy, Regression Therapy, Healing, Intuitive movement/dance therapy, Water therapy, Couple counseling & Tantra, Natural birth therapy

Tanya is channeling God to serve humanity with this divine love & knowledge.

She the developer & founder of Clairvoyance Therapy. She offers a complete therapy solution that goes beyond psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, body therapy and other therapies as coaching, NLP, mindfulness etc. She is using her clairvoyant abilities in all her teachings which makes her guidance unique.

Tanya is working simultaneously with your mind, body and soul. She combines the best of all worlds: working with energy, channeling and healing, bodywork and psychology to bring you BeYond yourself to a place of serenity, clarity and power.

She knows how to read both the physical body, psychological state & the soul state of someone while scanning for symptoms, imbalances and behavioral patterns that manifest in the body, mind and soul. While addressing these challenges are important, they risk being superficial if not treated at all these 3 levels. It is important to understand that the symptoms stored in the body, mind and the soul is the  deeper root causes.

Tanya uses bodywork (dance, yoga, jogging, water sessions) to release old emotions stored in the body, while creating space for new energies. All the time, Tanya is using her clairvoyant abilities to look into the root of the imbalances, pains, and wounds, and then enabling them to heal. Tanya is always looking into the soul level, and uses regression when it is needed to examine the root cause seeded in previous lives.

By channeling God/The Divine, she is able to resolve and clear old patterns, experiences and beliefs. Clients often report a sense of deep bliss, serenity, clarity, peace and connectedness.


Since early years Tanya knew she was incarnated with one big purpose; to help and heal humanity. With a bachelor in Psychomotor Therapy and yoga in 2002, her driving force was to develop further her capacities to find the complete solution for healing bod, mind and soul equally. Her driving force has come out of first hand intense experiences, where also personal tragedies happened to her. Dead loss of her her closest family member Through this experience another dimension opened for her and she began to channel Masters.

Her whole life she has been working 100% on developing her energy to the state where she is today, connected to a “High Spiritual Source”.

Tanya has spend much in India; the land of spirituality, studied with ancient Masters learning the art of Spirituality, yoga, meditation, healing etc., and further developed her Master channeling.

She has as well studied yoga with the ashtanga vinyasa master of our times; Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

Tanya and Michael have together developed the Ancient Tantra knowledge into a complete modern BeYond version, that as well gives them the uniqueness on this planet regarding this subject.

Tanya is aware of the knowledge gained from previous incarnations. That gives her the qualification of being A Spiritual Master

“Thank you for an amazing experience in Posta Marucci, Bagno Vignoni. My Sister, Mother and I have fallen in love with this medieval village. More importantly we have found the yoga & the therapies to be spiritual, authentic and of outstanding quality. Tanya & Michael are great teachers, fun to be with and are very knowledgable. We have genuinely enjoyed spending our week with them. The three of us have left Bagno Vignoni feeling energised, inspired & with improved mental clarity. Thank you for this beautiful life-changing experience. We will most definitely be returning. :-)”

Tina, sister and mum • UK | Bagno Vignoni, September 2018

“ I have tried many spiritually therapy forms but it was after the first personal session with Tanya in Denmark I realized that she was working with the highest and purest loving form that exist The Source – God. That day I meet my spiritual teacher Tanya. Since I started having sessions with Tanya my life has changed completely! It has now been 1 year where I have regular Skype meetings with Tanya and my inner journey continues with Tanya’s warmhearted and incredible guidance. It has been the most rewarding personal inner journey I have ever been one and I can’t wait to go a step deeper each time together with Tanya.”

Rikke Holmkvist • Bali | Denmark, August 2016