Our retreats are not easy to put into words. A BeYond retreat is really something that has to be experienced.
For instance, there’s yoga, but it’s beyond a yoga retreat.
There’s meditation, but it’s beyond a meditation retreat.
There are health and nutrition sessions, but it is beyond a health retreat.

Perhaps at its most basic, a BeYond retreat is a deep process of opening your heart. ♥

“Opening your heart” sounds cliché, perhaps even mundane.
But what does it really mean to open your heart?

Tanya and Michael’s gift (some say genius) is that they show you how to open your heart….and when they do, it is nothing less than profound.

How they do it is perhaps less interesting than that they can do it – they’ve done it again and again for hundreds of people. And for each person it happens in a slightly different way, at a slightly different moment. For some, the opening happens during Tanya’s spiritual yoga practice or during an intimate moment of clairvoyance, for another during Michaels deep Reiki session. For yet another, during a walk-and-talk session with both of them. Or, for many others, it happens gradually, during the whole retreat, as each contact moment, each exercise stirs another piece of consciousness. Until a moment of shift is reached….and your heart opens. And you move BeYond.

And in that process, so much gets realized.
And released.
The opening of your heart is the beginning of a journey towards a deeper consciousness, and a more profound appreciation of your life and your role in it. Things that were limiting you before…don’t any more. It is that simple. It is that powerful.

All the while, Michael and Tanya are applying their deep expertise, their natural gifts and their years of training to guide you along your own particular path of discovery.


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There is sweetness, but underneath that sweetness is fierce power.
I cannot believe how much I’ve been challenged…and embraced that challenge.

KK, Summer 2019 (Bagno Vignoni)