Welcome to Life Changing BeYond Retreats

Guided by two modern Spiritual Masters Tanya and Michael Aprile, that bridge Eastern and Western traditions!

Going BeYond with them means going to a place where the highest knowledge can be accessed and the deepest healing can occur.

BeYond welcomes you in their two magical locations:


from May to October


from November to April


TUSCANY ITALY – Located in the heart of Tuscany, you will find our magical little medieval village Bagno Vignoni. The place is known for it’s healing hot springs and truly peaceful atmosphere. A pilgrimage place since ancient times. We welcome in a 4 star spa hotel with big out door thermal pools, indoor spa and Italian dolce vita.

GOA INDIA  – Welcome to our hidden paradise Patnem Beach, Goa India.  No where on earth is like India, for the one who seek Spirituality! Our vision was to create a modern ashram for our time – a place of true retreat where one can focus safely on healing, self-knowledge, and spirituality while staying at the most beautiful place overlooking the ocean, and enjoying the best of what India offers.

Tanya and Michael Aprile

Working together with the combined energies of both Tanya and Michael is unlike anything you will have experienced before. Their methods are deeply complementary and their respective feminine and masculine energies augment each other.

Tanya and Michael have condensed their extensive knowledge of esoteric matters and spirituality into a simple, yet powerful process, delivered in locations that are themselves powerfully healing and positively energetic.

BeYond is addressing all kind of issues: health/physical, psychological, karmic.

Tanya is a Clairvoyant Master, Body and Psyche Therapist, Clairvoyant regression Therapist, Yoga and Meditation Master, Tantra Master
Michael is a Health Master, Healing Master, Esoteric Master, Spiritual Reality Master, Tantra Master


Individual  Customized Private Retreat  – choose your own dates. 

 Couple Customized Private Retreat  – choose your own dates. 


My private retreat with Tanya and Michael at Patnem beach Goa, was mind blowing and heart opening. Life will never be the same! I have awakened, my heart is deeply touched!

Karel, Amsterdam.

Tanya and Michael are beautiful, humble, authentic human beings who have a real purpose in life. The experience was life changing.

Dani, UK, 

Life Changing and unforgettable private couple retreat!

Ami and Smith, UK

Its a life changing retreat indeed. I only got 2 days, but these days were the most intense days in my life. Highly recommended if you want to go beyond your body, mind and soul.

Drey,  Switzerland

You are ambassadors of love. Thank you so much Tanya and Michael for all the light and the wellness you brought me, opening my mind and heart. You gave me so much!

Chris, France 

I can’t thank both of you enough for the insights, nutritional advice and love during my trip to Goa. I truly feel like a whole new person with a whole new outlook on life.

Trish, USA, 

Tuscany Italy – click here
Goa India – click here


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