Welcome to BeYond 

In everyone’s soul path, there is always a deeper part to be explored.

Our job is to help You tap into your full potential.
Our job is to help You move to your own BeYond.

Our ability to bring you there is our gift, and our privilege to share with you.

Welcome to our Life Changing BeYond Retreats in the magical and healing locations of

Tuscany, Italy  &  Goa, India

We are open in Tuscany, Italy April 7th – October 15th 2023

We are open in Goa, India until 15th March 2023

Meet Two modern BeYond Masters Tanya and Michael Aprile!

Going BeYond with us means going to a place where the highest knowledge can be accessed and the deepest healing can occur.

No matter which retreat you choose, we promise you a unique and transformative experience! Come explore and experience the deepness of your own inner power and silence. Everything else will flow from that.

You will always have an experience customised to your particular needs at this moment in time. Not only is every retreat channelled, but we bring our knowledge and experience to shape an experience for you that will resonate deeply with you where you are at in your life right now. Therefore, no matter how often you return to our retreats, there is something new, something more to discover.

With Love, Tanya & Michael

My private retreat with Tanya and Michael at Patnem beach Goa, was mind blowing and heart opening. Life will never be the same! I have awakened, my heart is deeply touched!

Karel, Amsterdam. January 2020 ( Patnem Beach Goa)

Tanya and Michael are beautiful, humble, authentic human beings who have a real purpose in life. The experience was life changing.

Dani, UK, September 2018 (Bagno Vignoni)

Don’t know how to thank you for these amazing days together! I am sure you saw the transformation happening in front of your eyes. I am continuing with my yoga and meditation practice and feeling better every day.

Fabienne, France, November 2018 (Bagno Vignoni)

You are ambassadors of love. Thank you so much Tanya and Michael for all the light and the wellness you brought me, opening my mind and heart. You gave me so much!

Chris, France, Oct 2018 (Bagno Vignoni)

I can’t thank both of you enough for the insights, nutritional advice and love during my trip to Goa. I truly feel like a whole new person with a whole new outlook on life.

Trish, USA, Feb 2019 (Goa)


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