Our retreat with Tanya and Michael

In the such calm and inspiring out of time village of Bagno Vignoni, Tanya and Michael took us on a deep journey to the center of our heart, our relationship and ourselves…

They taught us to discover and to have acces to this new dimension that we had inside us.

They allow us to approach a certain spirituality.

Getting us to accept our vulnerability and discover our sensitivity.

But also to have a Better Consciousness of our emotions and needs.

Through meditation, We learned how to look back without regret, to forgive ourselves and to move forward enjoying the present moment.

They have taught us a certain Ability to slow down the pace of our lives

In our marriage, this retreat allowed us to better know ourselves and the other.  Without taboo but keeping a part of mystery.

Finally we discovered our capacity to feed desire in our couple.

When it’s time to go You leave Tanya and Michael stronger, with a brand new power inside you.

You start to miss them but you know you can make it on your own.


Please receive all the love we send you,

Caroll and Greg August 2021

Last week I embarked on a 5 night spiritual healing retreat in Tuscany. To say the experience felt life changing is an understatement. I would encourage everyone to do this. Tanya and Michael were amazing. The small town was beyond beautiful. The town is home to natural hot spring healing waters. An experience I will never forget 🙏

Diraj Buisness creator UK . October 2021 (Bagno Vignoni)


I went there with a heavy package of years of pain ,I was at my breaking point and cant even explain how Tanya and Michael did change my life . 2 amazing souls in an amazing place , beautiful nature ,organic food , away from city life , hot spring …they all helped me to heal myself , wash my soul and body , get strong to come and deal with chaos of life. Cant recommend them enough.

Women entrepreneur Saudi Arabia/Dubai . July 2021 (Bagno Vignoni)

Wonderful Experience. Everything was marvelous and perfect

Italian woman Lawyer . October 2021 (Bagno Vignoni)

“I was drawn to the beyond retreat, in particular Tanya and Michael’s connectedness. So much positive things I could say!

The overriding feeling  I have is; I  left Tuscany with a higher level of consciousness!

And if more people in this world would do the same, the world would be a better place.”

Ross, Entrepreneur Scotland, August 2021 (Bagno Vignoni)

50th year birthday gift from my husband.

This retreat was priceless to me!

M. August 2021 (Bagno Vignoni)

When I arrived to this small village in Tuscany, I was a shell of a human. I was stuck in every aspect of life, deeply unmotivated and just sad. I left the retreat with a new perspective, clarity in relation to all of my issues and deep connection with myself and the universe. This retreat was literally heaven on earth and Tanya & Michael were angels. This is not your “usual yoga retreat”.This is the kind of retreat that if you come to it with an open heart and mind, will change your life! You will leave the retreat with the necessary tools to face the world. Simple yet very important tools.

I feel so blessed that I got to attend this retreat. Already highly recommended it to all friends and family! ❤️❤️

Arwa, lawyer Saudi Arabia August 2021

I have just been to Tanya and Michael’s retreat in beautiful Tuscany.
In every way recommendable for anyone who needs a fresh start or reboost ..
both mentally, physically and spiritually. It’s been worth ALL the money!!

Dorte, business owner Denmark. August 2020 (Bagno Vignoni)

A life Changing BeYond Retreat can be 100% recommended. They are deeply professional and are life-changing. The place surroundings are amazing. If you are standing and want a fresh start in life then this can make a difference in just 4 days. “

Tina, Coach Denmark. August 2020 (Bagno Vignoni)

I met this wonderful couple in Bagno Vignoni in Italy and not even a year later I joined them again in Goa in magical India for a "full moon retreat". Tanya's deep sensitivity together with Michael's broad knowledge gave me the tools and strength to get to know myself better, beyond limits and prejudices. Each day spent with them is full of surprises and represents a journey into the soul. With their children they form a beautiful family with which it is pleasant to spend the evenings with "your feet in the sand" in Goa. Patnem Beach in particular is fascinating, with a multi-ethnic and relaxed environment, but above all clean and safe. I will not fail to visit them again. Thanks Tanya and Michael!

Elia,  January 2020 (Patnem Beach, Goa India)

A life Changing deep and beautiful experience with Tanya and Michael at Patnem beach.

Indian couple, January 2020 (Patnem beach, Goa India)

I first got to know Tanya via the internet for her online Clairvoyance sessions. And I vividly remember our first online session. She agreed immediately I had to change several quite important aspects of my life. No beating about the bush or trying to accommodate me. She was very direct, convincing and strong in her clairvoyance. In the months to come, she guided me step by step – always pushing the challenge a little further than I thought I was able to – in a clear, soft but firm way. And she never lost her angelic smile. I went through it all and after three months, I had changed more than I ever thought would be possible and manifested plenty of miracles. Because of Corona, the retreat I wanted to do in the beginning of our work together in Goa, India then took place towards the end of the whole process in Tuscany Italy. I thought it was going to be a comfortable little round-up of this intense period, but it was a lot more than that!! In five days, Tanya and Michael really pushed me BEYOND in a very loving way – beyond my old self, beyond my wildest dreams, beyond…!! Tanya and Michael just perfectly complement each other in their male and female energies, in the type of work they offer. I felt cradled and challenged, pushed and held. It was wonderful – and all this in that gorgeous spot in the Tuscan hills, where the thermal water heals and washes away all the old. Warmly recommended for courageous souls, wanting to cross borders and making further steps towards the light of God – towards our own light. Namaste!

Much love Anna. Coach, teacher, Therapist, mother. Switzerland. July 2020 (Bagno Vignoni)

This was my 3 retreat with Tanya and Michael. This time with my whole family. During our Tanya and Michael were able to welcome and put us at ease in the best possible way, despite travelling with children. They did their utmost to create a program, which would allow us to manage everything without worries. They accompanied us wonderfully during our very personal journey, giving us the opportunity to reconnect with ourselves, rediscovering peace and harmony. With their beautiful children they form a beautiful family with whom it is very pleasant to spend time in Bagno Vignoni. Heartfelt thanks Tanya and Michael ❤️

Elia e Adriana, Switzerland. July 2020 (Bagno Vignoni)

With the current pandemic taking place around the world, I was afforded the most amazing and much needed retreat with BEYOND in Goa India! The retreat showed me the practice and shared tools towards enlightening self-care, nutrition and most importantly a renewed mindset when dealing with the unpredictable curves LIFE brings our way. It was the perfect balance of male and female energy! Thank you Michael and Tanya as I found great pleasure in a truly authentic and genuine retreat! I am forever grateful and look forward to seeing you both soon with notes of melodies.

Rachelle, USA. February 2020 (Patnem Beach India)

My 2 retreat with BeYond. This time at Patnem beach Goa. The private retreat with Tanya and Michael, was mind blowing and heart opening. Life will never be the same! I have awakened, my heart is deeply touched!

Karel, Entrepreneur Amsterdam. January 2020 ( Patnem Beach Goa)

“I arrived in Bagno Vignoni tired, stressed out and with a painful ankle, having twisted it badly the day before.

I left Bagno Vignoni happy, rested, with inner peace and confidence and no pain at all in the ankle.

Tanya and Michael took care of me from all points of view: physical, energetical and spiritual.

The yoga with Tanya took care of my physical blocks in the asanas from a very different perspective, helping me to move further than I ever did. She is totally angelic and will just accept you as you are. Nothing is imposed or forced.

I had a wonderful reiki session with Michael, i totally advice it, i had the best night sleep afterwards and felt rejuvenated. I also enjoyed our talk on food.

Also….if you are interested on the history and art in the region, do ask Michael, he knows EVERYTHING there is to know.

I also had a special spiritual session with Tanya. The lady is very gifted but be warned, if you want the max benefit, come with open mind and heart. Then real shifts will happen.

A couple of words on the hotel. It is in a wonderful location with a perfect Tuscan view. Its thermal waters have special healing properties and must be tried to believe. The rooms are lovely and the staff professional and superkind.

If choose this holiday, it will change you in the best version of yourself, Tanya and Michael will support you all the way.”

From Alberta, Dubai Bagno Vignoni June 2019

The journey within. Place Bagno Vignoni, in the heart of Tuscany. Thermal healing water, magic views and that’s just a beginning. We started the journey in Slovakia, the group of 10 people and 2 guides. Down in Tuscany we met our 2 spiritual teachers Tanya and Michael. And then the adventure began. Tanya and Michael led us on our journey within. With yoga, meditation, intuitive dancing, floating, reiki, clairvoyance… they helped us to realize who we are deep in our hearts and to become new persons. Our group feels like a family after just 4 days together. It’s because we created deep connection in our hearts. This was an unforgettable experience and I warmly recommend it for everyone who is searching for inner self.

Love Beata, Vienna 2019 (Bagno Vignoni)

Tanya and Michael are beautiful, humble, authentic human beings who have a real purpose in life. The experience was life changing.

Dani, UK, September 2018 (Bagno Vignoni)


It is a quiet Sunday morning, cold, but the sun is shining brightly. Just a day after the longest lunar eclipse in the 21st century. ( at least that is what I was told).

I am trying to face my daily tasks, my to do list is excruciatingly long.

Suddenly my thoughts revert back to 6 month ago when I spent a week at Bagno Vignoni, meditation and yoga retreat. As I am recalling those feelings and memories, I remember that I promised to write a review. I promised it, because I was overwhelmed by my experiences and wanted to share it with others. But after my return from the trip, my daily life, the bills, the to do list has pushed my promise down on the priority list. I felt a bit guilty, but I knew, that once my life got into a bit of an order, I will write my review.

At that moment, a beeping sound from my phone, lifted me out of my thoughts and sense of guilt. As I glimpse on the screen, it is an email from ‘Book Yoga Retreats’….

OMG, did someone knew what I was just thinking? Was this a coincidence? Just another one of those coincidences that I had in spades when I was with Tanya and Michael Aprile enjoying my yoga retreat?

These coincidences, synchronicities, meaningful occurrences at the same time were not infrequent during my stay at Bagno Vignoni. My yoga teacher Tanya and her husband, Michael the Reiki master, thought that these coincidences were completely natural. For them, spending their life living their spiritual mission, of course it is natural. But for me, a busy, professional woman, specialising in science and surrounded by evidence based and logical and explainable facts, these were more than ordinary. As were the yoga sessions with Tanya, more than ordinary. Yoga withTanya was more than just attempting to create the physical poses or just manage my breathing pattern. They lead into a deep relaxation and meditation, where I was feeling more connected to my real self than I have been in years. The reiki sessions and water floating experiences with Michael made me experience the relaxed states of mind and body that I have been struggling to achieve prior. Following my daily meditation, relaxation and yoga sessions I felt grateful to be there.

My trip to Italy was not planned. It followed an unexpected traumatic life changing experience when I was searching for answers. I randomly thought, I will attend a yoga and meditation retreat, to try to heal my pain. I googled yoga and meditation retreats, chosen Italy, and the 4 day meditation-yoga-reiki retreat in Tuscany popped up. I emailed my enquiry, and within a few hours I received one of the warmest and most welcoming emails of my life. Tanya and Michael not only welcomed me, but offered to assist with my uncertain plans.

I booked my flight, flown to Florence, where I spent a few days before my private driver (arranged by the Apriles) picked me up, and took me to my hotel, Posta Marcucci in Bango Vignoni. On arrival, after my refreshments and a swim in the beautiful pool, Tanya met with me in the hotel lobby, and introduced me to their program. It all sounded inviting and positive but at the same time flexible. Every morning we would meet at 7 am, at the meditation room, overlooking the steaming thermal pools. The days followed a flexible but at the same time reassuringly routine events. Morning and evening yoga and meditation, and pre-booked reiki and water flotation sessions. I also added,my personal ritual of early morning walks to this routine, to which Bagno Vignoni village and surroundings provided a picturesque backdrop. In the evenings I would turn up to a delicious dinner at the hotel served by a professional but at the same time very friendly staff, who would great me by my name, lead me to my table and offer me a courteous and professional service. They would provide a three course meal, part of the half-boarding that I signed up for, or would accept if on some days I wanted to be in an out within minutes, just wanting a quick meal, before my midnight swim under the stars. And by the way, what a magnificent inforgettable experience that was, sipping Champagne, listening to Vivaldi, looking at the starts, floating in the warm thermal waters and replaying in my mind my daily experiences, so they stayed with me forever. I was full of appreciation.

So, If I just told you these, you would think, wow!!, Where do I find this magical place and magical people, because you would want to be part of it as well.

But, to be honest, this was not all. Tanya Aprile, also offers clairvoyance sessions. She gently asked me, if I was interested in having one. I thought, why not, I never had a clairvoyant session, so this might be an interesting opportunity. And what an eye opening and soul awakening experience that was!!!. During our sessions Tanya would not only offer me insight into my life experiences but would offer her clairvoyant view as well. I was surprised by the ‘higher knowledge’ she had access to. And to avoid any misunderstanding, her insights and knowledge were way more than just psychological advice or humanitarian wisdom. I myself have some knowledge of psychology, I am capable to offer insight and reflection to people, understand transference and counter-transference in therapeutic settings, but Tanya had more. I am still not quite sure how to describe it,

On our final evening, I was also lucky to enjoy a glass of the beautiful local wine and try the delicious local produce that was recommended by Michael. And of course, I had topped my experience by the never disappointing choices at the local gelato bar. During the evening I was able to ask a few more personal questions of my hosts, Tanya and Michael Aprile. I discovered that Tanya is originally Danish and Michael is Italian. I wondered how does a Danish woman and an Italian man run a highly spiritual course in Bagno Vignoni. They told me a bit about their spiritual journey in India, how they were influenced by famous yogi’s and how they live half of the year India and the other half in Italy.They feel deeply connected to the universal spirituality in India and they run their yoga, mediation and reiki session retreats in Goa, India and Bagno Vignoni.

I spontaneously asked Tanya, ‘Oh, you are Danish, what do you think about ‘hygge’, because I really like ‘hygge’ and tried to show them on my iPhone my hygge image collection. Along the pictures, there was this beautiful image of a winding road, Cyprus trees and red poppy flowers. I told them how beautiful that was and I wished I could see that place one day. Tanya and Michael looked at each other and exclaimed ‘but that is just around the corner from us’,’ tomorrow, you can visit it, it is only a short drive away’.

And there I was, speechless, gobsmacked, overwhelmed by universal connections, coincidences, spirituality. There I was talking to a Danish woman, about my personal interest in ‘hygge’, guided by an Italian man, telling me that the most beautiful scenic road that I had collected in my favourite image collection was nearby! What a coincidence!!! Or is it? Was this a coincidence? Or meaningful co-occurance? Or just universal connectedness? I don’t know for sure. But I would like to have more of it.

All my heartfelt thanks again to Tanya and Michael, their retreat, their chosen location and their team. I wish that they can provide us with more of these amazing experiences and help us recognise and reconnect with our very own spiritual journey. Because our spiritual journey is what really matters and the most real after all!

Andrea, A spiritual traveller

Don’t know how to thank you for these amazing days together! I am sure you saw the transformation happening in front of your eyes. I am continuing with my yoga and meditation practice and feeling better every day.

Fabienne, France, November 2018 (Bagno Vignoni)

You are ambassadors of love. Thank you so much Tanya and Michael for all the light and the wellness you brought me, opening my mind and heart. You gave me so much!

Chris, France, Oct 2018 (Bagno Vignoni)

Michael and Tanya came to my life when I was going through some big changes. I guess thats how it happenes- we all are given just what we need. I am a very dynamic person, always on the run, head full of ideas, hands full of work and soul always somwhere in the sky. I could never sit and meditate, no matter how much I tried. I could never slow down, I would feel, I am waisting a precious time. I even felt guilty for sleeping- what a waste! Although I am not stressed by this behaviour, cause thats just simply how I am, my body is taking it a bit more personally ?. I am constantly ill. I am not an holistic- esoteric- bio-raw-vegan-organic- new age- shamanism – whateveryoucanthinkof person. Although I am open to basically anything, I do still believe in science and whatever is not science has to pass my critical filter. Thats why I didnt immediately use their services, when I met them. They were “just friends” to me.

What a mistake. My life could have started changing earlier.
However, when my personal difficulties reached an unbearable point, I searched for help even in the corners where I probably normally wouldnt. And I realized that even such “tornado like” person can be, at least temporarily slowed down, calmed, and … yes, after 10 years of trying, even meditate!

Those few days with them in Italy made me finally realize that I am not some kind of superwoman with endless reserves, and at the same time made me believe, that… its still hard to say it for me… yeah, that I am great being. Someone I could actually like, or maybe even love! That also gave me an insight into myself. Gave me an exact clear path of how and what to do to be better me- but still me!
My chronic back-pain caused by herniated discs in my spine also significantly decreased by allowing myself to be brewed like a teabag for hours in the healing waters of Bagno Vignoni. My eyes got the pure tacky Tuscany beauty right out of the window of the hotel that Tanya and Michael arranged. My stomach got the delicious Italian food… “hey girl, do you know that you are just dining at the restaurant that Michelangelo used to visit?” said Michael one night and I started laughing. That place is seriously old. And yes, you can have a glass or two or three of wine, you can have good lough about silly stuff, you don’t have to be all mantra-tantra-holy serious. They are normal people. With some (in positive way) abnormal abilities which are pretty powerful and it doesn’t matter weather you believe in it or not. It just works. I am that kind of person which doesn’t relax even in Maldives. I did relax with them in Tuscany. I relaxed in the most meaningful way. Traveled inwards. Finally.

As I wrote before, we are given what we need, at the times we need it.

The fact that you are reading this means, you just have been given this option.

Dorota, owner of Travel agency, singer, actress. Slovakia 2017, 2018 (Goa) 2019 (Bagno Vignoni)

The luxury and calmness of Hotel Posta Marcucci and their magical thermal hot springs is a perfect setting for healing, relaxation and change. We felt nurtured and spoilt as individuals. As a couple we loved sharing every minute together in this beautiful place and reconnected physically, mentally and spiritually with each other as a result. The morning meditation and yoga was amazing and Tanya customised it to our needs and morning preferences. The individual float session with Michael is out of this world and the reiki session was therapeutic. Tanya and Michael opened our eyes to our spiritual selves and potential, and gave us the tools we can use for the rest of our lives. We loved EVERYTHING Tanya & Michael offered. We would go again to develop our spiritual potential – and would probably choose to experience their Goa retreat in the winter as it sounds amazing. It is not just a yoga/meditation/health retreat…. It is a spiritual awakening!

Australian couple, June 2019 (Bagno Vignoni)

Bagno Vignoni: My stay with Tanya and Michael has been life changing and will resonate forever. I have been to other retreats in the past, however my stay in Bagno Vignoni was from another dimension, at another level – it went straight into my heart and soul. It has given me great insights on where I stand in life, in relation to my loved ones as well as to myself. The insights are clear and very useful. I have been able to let go of old pain and have been able to reconnect with my inner self. Tanya and Michael literally showed me the light within. I will come back for sure.

Karel, Amsterdam, May 2019 (Bagno Vignoni)

I can’t thank both of you enough for the insights, nutritional advice and love during my trip to Goa. I truly feel like a whole new person with a whole new outlook on life.

Trish, USA, Feb 2019 (Goa)

We have such gratitude in our hearts to you both. Your deep guidance and love allowed for our hearts to open for our true love to flourish. Our lives are always filled with such responsibilities in our business on a daily basis. But now, we are able to look each other in the eyes when things are way too hectic and reflect on how to respect each other. It has changed us and allowed us to grow into each other. Thank you for your insight and higher wisdom on spirit and heart.

S & M, USA, Summer 2018 (Bagno Vignoni)

What a beautiful experience! Tanya and Michael have so much love and healing power to give! They spend more time and gave us more than what we were expecting. My sister and I had their undivided and personal attention. They guided us through our emotional journey with love and deep care. I doesn’t hurt that it was in the beautiful beach of Goa with tranquil view of sunset in the evening and calming sound of waves in the morning! Thank you so much for all the love and guidance!

Two sisters, Jan 2019 (Goa)

I met this wonderful couple for a retreat in Bagno Vignoni in Italy in 2019 and not even a year later I joined them again in Goa in magical India for a “full moon retreat”. Tanya’s deep sensitivity together with Michael’s broad knowledge gave me the tools and strength to get to know me better, beyond the limits and prejudices. Each day spent with them is full of surprises and represents a journey within the soul. With their children they form a beautiful family with whom it is pleasant to spend the evenings with “feet in the sand” in Goa. Patnem Beach in particular is fascinating, with a multi-ethnic and relaxed environment, but above all clean and safe. I will not fail to return to find them. Thanks Tanya and Michael!

Elia Switcherland ( Bagno Vignoni May 2019, Goa January 2020)

Attending your Spiritual Retreats in Tuscany, Italy has become one of my most memorable life experiences! I cannot express my gratitude in words. Your Higher Knowledge about life’s important issues is unquestionable.

The meditation and yoga sessions were unique, helping me to discover their life changing powers. I enjoyed learning about diet, detox, life style and other topics on a deeper level. The Reiki Healing and water relaxation sessions added a new dimension. But most importantly, experiencing your compassion, empathy and care was a real gift to me. With all my gratitude I wish you all the best in continuing to make this World a Better Place!

Andrea, Australia (Bagno Vignoni 2018 & 2019)

Patnem beach in Goa is a haven of community ease and tranquility. Calm and gentle playful and alive a place to connect with the heart to all around you. Patnem is as well a family friendly area, and that is where I met Tanya and Michael. They are both truly loving and caring people always seeking to understand and to support. They work with the heart and bring love and loving guidance to all aspects of your life using tools not for a New age fix but for transformation into realities aligned with truth and love. Looking to understand things from a perspective that is higher than our immediate reality and holding a mirror to what is stuck or broken or painful bringing it into light and transforming darkness that can not live in light. They are opening doorways into the path that walks in a healed heart aligned with what is truly good for you and those around you.

Nella London U.K Goa 2018 & 2019

An Amazing Back- to- Self Journey Retreat by Tanya & Michael. I loved the unexpected, unknown, and the adventurous part of this retreat. I also loved the peace, quite, and love that I felt every moment of my stay and classes with Tanya and Michael. Universe sent me there and I am so grateful I experienced what I did. I was able to let go of so much over-due pain and opened up my heart in the new chapter of my life. I also loved the yoga sessions with Tanya and water movements with Michael. They are just amazing spiritual teachers that just like “you” and “I”. They also were so much fun. I was able to finally do my head stand that I have been trying to do in the past year. Amazing hotel, delicious food, great service and the best of it all is the Thermal Spring Water pool that heals all your pains and aches. I highly recommend this retreat with Tanya and Michael and this hotel.

Sanaz Daneshfar United States August, 2019 ( Bagno Vignoni)

While I was sceptical at first, the experience is totally worth the money. Both Michael and Tanya are inspirational teachers with a large array of resources. Most importantly, they are amazing listeners which allows them to create customized experiences for each guest. It was also nice to meet their family and have dinners together. Michael and Tanya are not money-driven, rather they take joy and fulfillment in helping others.
I would highly recommend this trip to anyone looking to dig deeper, regardless of your starting point, life is a life long journey full of learning opportunities. If you’re reading this you’re likely ready for this important step.
Tanya and Michael won’t build the road for you, but they will put some very bright lights on your path so that you can find the road yourself.

July 2019 Davide, Canada (Bagno Vignoni)

“A strongly recommended life changing retreat!”. Thank you Tanya and Michael for this amazing and unforgettable 4 days Luxury Spiritual Eat, Pray & Love retreat. I am so grateful to everything you did for me. You have both an unique personality which makes this retreat so special and wonderful. I loved all classes, but especially the spiritual yoga and meditation in the sun by the pool with T. She has a beautiful and calm voice. She learned me how to embrace the fear with love and gave me tools in how to send my inner prayers to the universe for them to be solved. I also found the Clairvoyance therapy with T and the Reiki with M life changing. Both T and M are passionated about this retreat and I felt they had a personal desire to see me grow and glow. They understood my inner needs from day 1 and had a plan for me during these 4 days which they succeeded very well with. I felt I was filled up with lots of hope and love, personal strength and a clear path going forward. The hotel with the healing water, the small village Bagno Vignoni gave a beautiful, calm and a safe atmosphere in order for me to be myself and to open up. I will also thank T and M to include me and to show me their beautiful Tuscany world. I loved it all and I will strongly recommend this retreat to all people who need inner peace, who want to find their purpose in life and the right path. The local food and the local wine were fantastic, tasty and very fresh. M’s diet/health class was inspiriing. His family looked incredible healthy. Miss you all!!!

L.M Sweden Bagno Vignoni 2019

A wonderful spiritual experience in a very special beautiful landscape

Almut and Benjamin Germany (Bagno Vignoni June 2019)

I have now been at 3 retreats with Tanya and Michael. They always spread their positivity, their love and their knowledge in such a wonderful and overwhelming way…. Every time, After 4 days of balanced yoga sessions, beautiful meditations, fun dance therapy, inspiring clairvoyance and healing Reiki session, I feel how much these retreats were so needed, for my physical and emotional state of being. I can’t describe how amazing the natural spring water pools and the breathtaking sceneries at spa hotel Posta Marcucci were! I am so grateful that I got to experience these life changing retreats! Can’t wait to go back!

Rita, Dubai, 2017, 2018, 2019 (Bagno Vignoni)

I had 5 strong session with you Tanya, and from the first moment I could express my deepest emotions and release lots of pains. We travelled back home to Australia but those 5 sessions are staying with me – I have never felt such accurate spiritual guidance like this before. My husband Yotam felt this as well. I want to thank you, Mike, for your Reiki and Diet sessions. Our last session made me understand the connection between our physical body and our spiritual body, and that keeping healthy is the first step to connect our soul and spirit. We keep in touch with you two spiritual angels…and am sure we are just at the beginning of our journey. Everything now feels so exciting and makes sense.

♥ Efrat, Yotam and Idan, Australia, August 2017 (Goa)

I arrived feeling very stressed and tired. After the days spent with Tanya and Michael I found a new peace and relaxation that I had not had for a very long time. I thank Tanya for her incredible energy, for her constant love, for her wisdom and for her support in this path to learn more about meditation and Yoga. Everything was high quality.Tanya and Michael thank you for this life changing experience.

Christina, Italy (Bagno Vignoni 2017)

… The whole experience was unexpectedly profound for each member of the family and bought us very close together. Tanya and Michael are very special and highly qualified.

A London family, April 2017 (Bagno Vignoni)

“Tired, stressed and in need of some serious time out, I booked a 4-day retreat in Tuscany to get away from it all. What an experience! From the wonderful setting of Bagno Vignoni, with its ancient thermal springs, to the one on one guidance and instruction, to the breath-taking scenery – it was an experience of a lifetime. Days were spent on 1:1 tuition, hiking in the hills of Tuscany, soaking in the thermal spa and reflecting on life.

The guidance from Tanya and Michael was superb – encompassing yoga, meditation, reiki healing, clairvoyant healing session as well as a spot of life coaching thrown in – they intuitively knew what I needed and provided it in abundance. Bagno Vignoni is a very special place, made even more special by the wonderful presence of Tanya and Michael.
I returned home, rested, inspired and filled with a renewed sense of purpose and love of life.
Thank you, Tanya, and Michael for this life changing experience.”

Sylvia – Switzerland March 2017 Bagno Vignoni

“During our vacation in Goa India we decided spontaneously to have a 3 days retreat with Tanya and Michael. The mixture of spiritual Yoga Tanya teaches, meditations, a Reiki session with Michael and single and group sessions with all of us really helped us to go into and through our processes. We really felt well guided and supported and took a lot of spiritual understanding back home to Germany.”

Stefan and Heike. Patnem beach. Goa India January 2017

Go to Bagno Vingoni and meet Tanya and Michael and you will never be the same again.

Margethe Pedersen, Denmark, July 2016 (Bagno Vignoni)

When I booked this 4 days retreat, I did not know what to expect. I had some questions about myself, about my life, and I was feeling very tired and stressed. I needed time for myself and for self-introspection. I had never heard about Bagno Vignoni before but I could not dream of a better location for such a retreat. The atmosphere in this small village of Tuscany is truly special. I found there was something mysterious and magical in this place where time seems to have stopped. Tanya and Michael are two beautiful souls, very inspiring, non-judging and compassionate. Tanya is, to me, the incarnation of love. I immediately felt safe and confident with her. She is beautiful, gentle, shining like the sun. Everything she does contains love. Through her teachings, her healings and her love, Tanya gave me confidence in myself and in life. She answered some deep questionings I had about myself, helping me understand some of my big emotional blocks. The meditation sessions with Tanya are very powerful. She has a voice that immediately carries you away from space and time and guides you towards your inner self, to your heart. Adding a spiritual dimension to the meditation and yoga practices was an amazing experience. Michael is an incredible man. He is so knowledgeable and has a simple way to explain complicated things. Through his teachings, he releases mental beliefs, bringing your mind to a higher level of consciousness, challenging things you were certain about. I loved our discussions and his teachings. Michael’s healing gift is powerful. I have never experienced such a deep level of relaxation than during and after reiki and de-stress water sessions with him. I was able to let go very quickly. It gave me an incredible sense of confidence and left my mind clear and quiet. At the end of the retreat, I felt so grateful. I have learnt so much about myself. Tanya and Michael guided me with love to the path to my inner self and I will be grateful for this gift all my life. I came back home with new eyes, full of energy, with a sense of confidence in everything that is and everything that will be; with an understanding of the deep connection we have with the universe and how important we all are. I am now continuing my spiritual work by meditating and practicing yoga. I hope I will meet Tanya and Michael again, maybe in Goa ?

Jessica, July 2017 (Bagno Vignoni)

I participated in a 4 day retreat with Tanya and Michael and as a retreat first timer the experience exceeded my expectations. Hotel Marcucci is beautiful, with spectacular views, fabulous food and very friendly staff. The thermal pools were amazing, especially the midnight float under the stars! I only recently began my spiritual journey and it was mainly curiosity that led me to the retreat with Tanya and Michael. I really feel like I have gained a new perspective from their guidance. We started our day with yoga followed by a meditation session in the beautiful morning sunshine beside the steaming thermal pools, it was peaceful and surreal and an absolutely perfect way to start the day. I had a Reiki healing treatment with Michael which was very relaxing and I believe removed energy blocks and set me up for my spiritual healing session with Tanya. This was an incredibly special session, we were outside on her covered balcony with nature providing the perfect backdrop in the way of a very strong thunder and rain storm. Incredible. Tanya is an amazing soul, full of love and light and on first meeting with her I felt very drawn to her, simply by standing near you can feel love and positive energy emanating from her. She has incredible healing and intuitive abilities. In my session with her she brought to me validation on “strange things” I somehow have always known without knowing how I knew and she also released a big emotional block/baggage of which I hadn’t been aware I was carrying but made perfect sense to me afterwards and now. Since my connection with Tanya I am full of positive expectations, belief and consistently feel like I’m in a little love bubble with life. Good things to come! I will definitely be back and look forward to meeting with Tanya and Michael again. Sending a big hug to you both. Xxx

Lisa, Ireland/Brasil (Bagno Vignoni 2017)

Going through large life changes, I felt I wanted to go somewhere where I could get proper guidance by professionals and this I really got. Tanya and Michael really complement each other and were excellent hosts. Their retreat in this beautiful hidden paradise village Bagno Vignoni really helped me recover. And I loved the hotel and food….I will return!

Maria, Sweden, July 2017 (Bagno Vignoni)

Tanya, I am deeply glad you have so clear and clean a soul and contact to the universe – and that you have shown me paths to walk with your presents and especially with your femininity. I’m SO happy to have met you and your loving way to look at life – thankful that I do not need to explain and fight for being understood.

Michael … from my heart thank you because you are so clean, honest and warmth-hearted in your way of being human and a man. You have an openness, spontaneity, directness, and love for people you meet, which is an invaluable gift for all – and especially people who have low self-esteem, I feel. Perhaps you do not see the great value yourself, but I feel the very strong flow from you to the outside world. You showed me how a man can be handsome and powerful at the same time.

A thousand thousand thanks to you both!

Birgitte, Denmark, July 2017 (Bagno Vignoni)

Our couple retreat; Tanya and Michael were so wonderful. As well as being very knowledgeable and professional they were also very kind. They are excellent communicators and comfortable in their own skin hence they have the ability to challenge the individual in a non-threatening way.

Vanessa & John, UK, May 2017 ( Bagno Vignoni)

For our first experience in Yoga and Meditation me and my Partner decided to do a 5 days retreat with Tanya and Michael at Patnem beach and we’re so glad we did.”

“Considering our wishes and needs Tanya and Michael created a personalized and unique schedule for our time in Patnem.”

“We as well had the most delicious food and wonderful bright rooms from which we could hear the sound of the waves while falling asleep.”

“Patnem Beach is such a magical quite place. For our Sunrise and Sunset sessions we had dolphins jumping in front of us and the sky was painted in the most astonishing colours.”

“Tanya and Michael opened a whole new part in our lives and could make us understand why we want to do this. It wasn’t just our sessions and q and a’s where we could come and ask question or just had a lovely talk. They are around all the time and always open to answer, give advice or talk about there experiences. It was really a unique experience and we’re so happy stayed with them. Thank you for showing us a new part of ourselves.”

Diede & Johannes. Goa India December 2016

I gave myself a big gift this year to continue my spiritual path in Goa India ❤️ A spiritual retreat in the most stunning surroundings with daily meditation, yoga, detox/diet/health counseling, healing, therapy and dance therapy at Tanya and Michael Aprile – BeYond.
It was the most beautiful journey and at the same time it was challenging, while releasing and purifying old pain. All the inner work nourished and enlightened my soul every single day along the deep process and awakened me even more by connecting to my heart in silence
I can not express how happy I am by following my heart, my spiritual path and to have such pure hearted and wise spiritual teachers – Tanya and Michael Aprile who supported, showed me the tools and how much dedication and surrendering it takes every single day to raise my consciousness even further

The accommodation at Patnem beach under my spiritual retreat was a beautiful located with the beach as my backyard. My room was spotless and every night I went to sleep with the sounds of the ocean moving in a perfect rhythm. The Indian family who owned the place, they opened up their heart with such kindness, smiles and excellent service. The food was always fresh and a healthy selection ”

“I never experienced a calmness with such grace in Patnem beach area. Traffic, cows, wild nature, unstructurednes, simple living, dancing sunsets, firework in the sky. Chaos meets beauty all along Patnem beach and city. What a treasure to be a part of for two weeks”

My heart is filled with so much gratitude and joy and I can honestly not wait to come back to join your spiritual retreat next year

Big hearts and much love to Tanya & Michael ❤️

Namaste ?? Rikke Holmkvist Bali. ( Patnem Beach, Goa India 2016)

I was very much looking forward to my visit to Bagno Vignoni for my personalised spiritual retreat with Michael and Tanya, having read about them on their website. Although my stay was for three days, it exceeded my expectations and more. They welcomed me warmly into their home village. I had wonderful meditation and yoga classes, developed by Tanya herself, in the most natural way; beneath the trees and sunny skies of the beautiful Bagno Vignoni. Tanya provided me with valuable tools to take home with me in order to continue on my spiritual path through yoga and meditation.
Michael’s knowledge and experience is very interesting and insightful, which gave me lots of food for thought. This was a truly unique and life-affirming experience that I’ll never forget.

Anne Burke, Ireland. (Bagno Vignoni September 2016)

Tanya and Michael are the most hospitable, open-hearted people, we have met in a long time. Michael was a beautiful spiritual guide for each of us, and Tanya was a clear, soft and embracing yoga teacher filled with flexibility in exercises and meditation approach, which she adapted to each of us. Wonderful. Recommended. Thanks!

May-Britt & Charlotte, Denmark. 2016 (Bagno Vignoni)

I had the pleasure of spending one week with Tanya and Michael in beautiful Bagno-Vignoni. One life changing week of yoga, meditation, hikes in the breathtaking nature around the village, dips in the thermic water, inspiring and thought provoking conversations, delicious food, and… The list goes on. I learnt more than I could’ve ever imagined; about myself, my path, and the world around me. And I did so with the most loving and supporting teachers I could’ve possibly asked for. In the sessions and in my daily yoga lessons and meditations, Tanya guided me much deeper into my practise. She gave me the tools and the courage to look inside, and gently helped me reconnect with spirituality. I am so grateful for this experience, and to have found such incredible teachers.

Susanja Catriona Beatrix Nielsen Denmark/ Sweden September 2016 Bagno Vignoni

A unique experience in a marvelous land such the countryside of Siena (Tuscany Italy) guided by Tanya a special teacher. I have been to a yoga retreat for the first time and it was a very strong experience. Meditation between the sound of the birds in the morning and the breeze of the new day is such inspiring for your mind to be peaceful and satisfied. I certainly recommend to any who wants to join the yoga world to have at least a time with Tanya. She can share a lot of experience of practicing yoga as a way to live.

Ilaria Italy August 2016 ( Bagno Vignoni)

My Readings with Tanya

Tanya is not only a wonderful healer, she gives sound advice within her clairvoyant ability and can also regress to past life scenarios which can help us understand some of our struggles in this life.

My sessions with Tanya were extremely powerful and with the knowledge I gained I have begun to move forward. I have been blocked, as many of us are, and her spiritual guidance has been invaluable to me.

My regression has without doubt, confirmed a very poignant matter that had bothered me all my life. I have now moved through it.

She has acute spiritual awareness and also a loving and giving heart that she shares with all of us.

My sincere thanks to Tanya,

Jacqueline Waugh, UK.2016 (skype sessions)

The sessions with Tanya Aprile has definitely been incisive & stimulating to overcome problems that have long held back in my life. Tanya and her husband Michael have allowed me to raise the level of awareness that before I dared not even imagine possible. Their contribution has released all my personal artistic skills, emotional, real and profound reconnection with my spiritual side. Thanks to Tanya and Michael to have created fertile ground to bring forth the “star seed” on this planet that has an extreme need for change.

Jancy Beltrami, Italy (skype sessions 2015 – 2019)

I have tried many spiritually therapy forms but it was after the first personal session with Tanya in Denmark I realized that she was working with the highest and purest loving form that exist The Source – God. That day I meet my spiritual teacher Tanya. Since I started having sessions with Tanya my life has changed completely! It has now been 1 year where I have regular Skype meetings with Tanya and my inner journey continues with Tanya’s warmhearted and incredible guidance. It has been the most rewarding personal inner journey I have ever been one and I can’t wait to go a step deeper each time together with Tanya. I have finally come back home into my heart. With my new spiritual awareness and by surrendering fully to God I have reconnected with myself again and I can now live a more heart fulfilling and happier life forward. Tanya is truly one of the most authentic compassionate loving soul’s I have ever meet in my life! I am sincerely deep deep thankful to her for guiding me back in touch with my old soul which has lead me reuniting with my soul’s purpose this day. I’m forever grateful to you Tanya!❤

Rikke Holmkvist, Bali (2018 Goa, India. Skype sessions 2013-2019)

I have joined Tanya Apriles yoga and meditation classes both in Copenhagen and Italy, and she is by far the best yoga teacher I have studied with. She is attentive to each yogi in the class – and her guidance allows my practice to develop much further. Her insightful, spiritual and deeply inspiring meditation guidance is allowing for a deep practice no matter how experienced you are. I can highly recommend her yoga retreats and meditation classes. She is absolutely phenomenal.

Maj Hasager, Copenhagen Denmark & Bagno Vignoni Italy 2007-2020

One of the things that has always struck me is her ability to use the right word that becomes the key to open first of all our hearts, and then the various doors of our lives. Tanya brings you to a state of heightened awareness, and thus of strength, allowing you to recognize what is actually already in you but which your fear prevents you from seeing clearly.

Stella Silba, Italy, July 2016 (Skype sessions with Tanya)

Through guided meditation and asanas I lived unforgettable moments led by a wonderful teacher (Tanya) and accompanied by the inspiration I received from the trees.

Nadine, Italy, June 2015 (Bagno Vignoni)

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You are always welcome to contact us, if you have any questions or anything we can help with. We strive to answer your inquiry within 24 hours on weekdays.

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You are always welcome to contact us, if you have any questions or anything we can help with. We strive to answer your inquiry within 24 hours on weekdays.