Goa India

Welcome to the land of spirituality, where the path within & BeYond is happening fast and deeper like no where else.

Our Life Changing BeYond Retreats, takes place in the beautiful little “state”  Goa, located on the south west coast of India.

BeYond offers you two possibilities:

The exclusive and top luxury spa & beach resort; The Leela Goa

The Modern Ashram of our time; Patnem Beach

Both locations are uniquely handpicked by BeYond, and will offer you an unforgettable life changing experience.

The Leela Goa

Unwind in this luxurious  Leela  Goa resort that’s set amid 75 acres of sprawling lush greenery and picturesque lagoons. Welcoming you with views of a winding river on one side and the Arabian sea on the other.

Your life Changing BeYond Retreat offers you morning and afternoon classes on the beach side. Private sessions in beautiful therapy rooms.

The Spa and Beach resort offers splendid rooms in different categories. Top level cuisine with all healthy options. A range of high level spa treatments. All served with an unparalleled luxury, and Goa’s “susegad” philosophy of slow living.

Patnem Beach

Welcome to the authentic India in the little hidden paradise, Patnem Beach. The calming waves, the breeze in the palm trees, the sun that seems to magically melt away resistance.

Our yoga shala and therapy space is located directly facing Patnem beach. We welcome you with high quality “Bali style” bungalows, that offers you a panoramic view over Patnem beach and tucked away amidst the lush tropical nature. The bungalows feature king-size beds, and western style bathroom. The lounge area overlooking the ocean offers you a delicious breakfast.

In Patnem modern cafes mingle with authentic Indian restaurants, with the most delectable food.

Patnem beach is also the place Tanya and Michael where their lovestory started.

The Retreats: Goa