The Location

Come to the land of Spirituality: India. Only 1 ½ hours drive from Goa’s airport is the hidden paradise, Patnem Beach. Come experience the sensual combination of sun, sea and spirituality and the very best that India has to offer, with the comfort of Western standards. Turtle Hill is where you’ll be staying, with a luxury lounge area overlooking the ocean. Modern cafes mingle with authentic Indian restaurants, all with the most delectable food. Experience the gentle power and peace that is Patnem Beach.

The calming waves, the breeze in the palm trees, the sun that seems to magically melt away resistance….it is pure enchantment. You may even be treated to dolphins frolicking in the surf! In such surroundings, in such a relaxed atmosphere, it is possible to go deep within and reach the silence that then reveals so much.

So, come sit in the surf in the sun or walk along the ocean under the moon and the stars. We will meet you there and together help you find your way home to yourself.

The Accommodation


Welcome to our deluxe “Bali style” bungalows built on a hill facing the ocean. The place offers a panoramic view over Patnem with high quality bungalows tucked away amidst the lush tropical nature, and close enough to the sandy beach that the sound of the Ocean will rock you to sleep. The beautiful lounge area overlooking the ocean offers you delicious breakfast with freshly pressed juice, delicious fruit with musli, toasted bread, tea and coffee. Without a doubt it is the most beautiful place on the beach!

The spacious, stylish bungalows with western style bathroom feature king-size beds, fan and electricity, and a mosquito net upon request. Freshly bottled drinking-water is available free of charge.

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