It’s a pleasure to welcome you to Exclusive Life Changing BeYond retreats in Goa, India.

The exceptional energies at Patnem Beach heighten Tanya and Michael’s own powerful transformative energies; together the healing resonance created is on par with the very best ashrams and holy places around the world.

The Location

Patnem Beach is a hidden jewel, located in the south of Goa, India.
Come experience the sensual combination of sun, sea and deep spirituality…The very best that India has to offer, with the comfort of Western standards. Modern cafes mingle with authentic Indian restaurants, all with the most delectable food. We welcome with our own yoga Shala directly located on the shore of the beach facing the sea.

The calming waves, the breeze in the palm trees, the sun that seems so magically melting all resistance away.


Working together with their combined energies is unlike anything you will have experienced before. BeYond’s methods are deeply complementary and their feminine and masculine energies augment each other.

Going BeYond with them means going to a place where the highest knowledge can be accessed and the deepest healing can occur. You are promised a unique and transformative experience!

The accommodation

We offer two places: Turtle Hill and Casa Jaali

Turtle Hill is welcoming you with a unique Bali style luxury – the most luxury accommodation on Patnem beach.

The place has a as well a beautiful lounge area overlooking the ocean.

Note that your bungalows can look different than the photos listed. Each bungalow and rooms are unique made.

Welcome to Casa Jaali, located as well directly on Patnem beach. All of our rooms face the beautiful calm sea.
There are luxury new bungalows (just two!), with unique private location overlooking the sea. other 8 beautiful rooms made in Goan-style architecture, with lush gardens and greenery.
At Casa Jaali you will have Jaali cafe, with delicious food served all day and evening.
Note that your rooms and bungalows can look different than the photos listed. Each bungalow and rooms are unique made.

The Retreats: Goa

Click on the icons below, to see inclusions and prices. Prices starts from 2675 Euro/ 215.000 INR / 2600 USD


My 2 retreat with BeYond. This time at Patnem beach Goa. The private retreat with Tanya and Michael, was mind blowing and heart opening. Life will never be the same! I have awakened, my heart is deeply touched!

Karel, Entrepreneur Amsterdam. January 2020 (Patnem Beach Goa)

A life Changing deep and beautiful experience with Tanya and Michael at Patnem beach.

Indian couple, January 2020 (Patnem beach, Goa India)

With the current pandemic taking place around the world, I was afforded the most amazing and much needed retreat with BEYOND in Goa India! The retreat showed me the practice and shared tools towards enlightening self-care, nutrition and most importantly a renewed mindset when dealing with the unpredictable curves LIFE brings our way. It was the perfect balance of male and female energy! Thank you Michael and Tanya as I found great pleasure in a truly authentic and genuine retreat! I am forever grateful and look forward to seeing you both soon with notes of melodies.

Rachelle, USA. February 2020 (Patnem Beach India)

I can’t thank both of you enough for this retreat, the insights on all levels, nutritional advice and love during my trip to Goa. I truly feel like a whole new person with a whole new outlook on life.

Trish, USA, Feb 2019 (Goa)