Change & Heal your health issues with Naturopath and Spiritual Master Michael Aprile
Receive clear simple and long lasting solutions!

Your body is your temple. And it has to be treated as a temple. So simple, so clear.

“No matter if old, young, operated or deemed incurable: I can help you! My vision, my job and my capacity is to show you how.”

Healing your body with the right diet, the right life choices & by giving your body the right possibility to heal.

My knowledge is based on scientific facts and life long experience.

Welcome to BeYond Health!

Michael Aprile

“I have rheumatoid arthritis, and suffered a lot for a long time. Doctors and hospitals have not been able to heal the pain and make me understand why it manifested in my body.

I attended Michaels guidance only 2 months ago, and today I have no pain!!. I lost weight, and I am full of energy! He has given me a complete diet, that is easy to foIlow. have become a vegan. It is easy to follow Michael’s advises. He sees the whole human being with big respect. He has been there 100% for me. He has a fantastic intuition. Also through is healing, he transforms pain into flow. His healing hands makes me able to let go and receive his power. He can make things disappear. In other words – he is magic.”

Tina coach Denmark

I have been on a “high-protein” diet (as we used to see this naming in ads) eating eggs, meat, milk products every day. If someone back then will tell me that I will become a vegan, I would never believe that. But Michael influenced my eating habits in a very big and unexpected way.  Since I started vegan eating during the BeYond retreat, I am still a vegan and I feel like a new person, both physically and mentally. I can see that my body detoxicated very much, and as of now, I cannot even think of touching any animal products… It is amazing!

Anastasiia Designer, Italy

I booked two-day online sessions due to strong health issues, that I could find not solution for; The first day was with Tanya; BeYond Insight. The second day was with Michael; BeYond Health
The Light has taken form through this lovely couple.
They’re taking you back to your Self, your Home. Please do yourself a favor and look no further than this! ❤

Gertie, Philippines January 2021

I met Michael with a specific health problem that has been affecting me on all levels of my life. Michael’s extensive knowledge about health has been deeply helpful. His complete guidance and personal health path has given me concrete and beneficial tools to start a new healthy way of living and how I can heal. He covers a complete area that is often forgotten or where I feel lost because of the “jungle” of health guidance. Thank you so much Michael

Maud, France

Thank you so much Michael for helping me on the “right track” with my health and diet.

Your Beyond health sessions takes me back to the knowledge of diet and the body that has long since been forgotten with ‘convenience’ food and busy working lives.

You showed me the value of using food as The medicine. Its true value and the body’s real ability to process and work with and for you and itself when it is given the optimum understanding and programming. Eating to live not living to eat.

Michael you gave me a truly valuable understanding that takes into consideration the exceptions whilst staring into the face of some basic ethical questions in production and consumption within our daily governed lives. You brought me back to self responsibility!  Shared with me the natural healthy possibility and vitality.

A must session for you that want’s to live a healthy life!!

Nella, UK 2020

Your love, light and calmness blew my mind. It was an experience for me where words are too few to describe. So very deep and powerful in every way. I have never felt so clear, lifted and at peace as after your session, and I had such an energy boost too.

Thea, Denmark 2020

“Michael – you are a very talented man!”


“Michael is an incredible very knowledgeable man with also a powerful healing gift.”

Jessica, Switzerland

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In terms of physical and spiritual health I offer simple and clear instructions aimed at promoting the health, well-being and serenity of each one.
My knowledge is build on the natural laws and the self-healing capacity of the human body. This means that once the cause of the disease has been identified and removed, the body of a patient placed in the right conditions, without invasive treatments, without the use of drugs loaded with side effects, will heal independently.

I use strategies that I know work to bring harmony to the “whole” person, and nothing less.

Modern medicine today sadly provides you with symptomatic treatments without addressing the roots of your dis-ease.

who is michael

Regain control of your health where conventional medicine failed you and take matters into your own hand.

Your session

Duration: 1 hour 30 min

1 Session: 200 Euro

3 session voucher: 525 Euro

Sessions package with Health session & Clairvoyance Therapy: 370 Euro

Session voucher is valid 6 month from the date of issue

Together we find the dates for your session according to our schedule and your wish. Send us a request for your wish of date with 3 possible dates in your inquiry.

Add a Clairvoyance Therapy session with Tanya to get profound insights about your health issue! Tanya will address the roots of the problems on a soul level.

The uniqueness with Tanya and Michael’s work together is, that they compliment each other 100%, so you will get the complete guidance to create life changing results!


Payment need to be done latest 4 days prior to your online retreat.

Payment can be done with:

Bank wire transfer + 5 Euro

Paypal +  10 Euro

You will receive payment details with your booking email.


Cancellation has to be done latest 24 hours before the online retreat start, or your full payment is charged and re-scheduling is lost.

Everybody can attend an online health session with Michael
You will receive a health document by email 5 days prior to your session to fill out and return latest 4 days before your session.

You will connect with her via skype or zoom. With zoom Tanya will send you zoom link 5 minutes before start of session.

Make sure you have a stable and strong internet connection.

Kindly be on time for your online session.

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