Welcome to our world famous Life changing BeYond Retreats now also online – and always live!.

Going BeYond with us means going to a place where the highest knowledge can be accessed and the deepest healing can occur.
Working together with our combined energies is unlike anything you will have experienced before. Our methods are deeply complementary and our feminine and masculine energies augment each other.
No matter which retreat you choose, we promise you a unique and transformative experience! Come explore and experience the deepness of your own inner power and silence. Everything else will flow from that.

In our online retreats you will always be with us “in person” and on live streaming – never any prerecorded video.

What will happen in the retreat is depending on where you are in your life this moment. Our gift is to be able to see you, where you are and what it needs for you to go BeYond!

For each person it happens in a slightly different way, at a slightly different moment during the whole retreat, as each contact moment, each exercise stirs another piece of consciousness. Until a moment of shift is reached….and your heart opens. And you move BeYond.

The elements of an online BeYond retreats is very alike a retreat with us in Tuscany or Goa. Means that you will receive a personalized channeled program exactly customized to where you are this moment of life. Do you choose a group retreat we will always customize to the group infront of us. When you choose a  group retreat you will always  have individual private sessions as well.

Explore our website to understand more about us and what you can experience with us.


Choose your own dates

4 days BeYond Private and exclusive retreat only for you: 1500 Euro per person

4 days BeYond Private group retreat for your family/friends. Minimum 4 participants.: 700 Euro per person

4 days BeYond Transformative/Tantra couple retreat: 2000 Euro in total for 2

A private retreat and a group retreat will have the following sessions

BeYond OPENNESS: Reaching deep within your heart through powerful prayers, mantra chanting, yoga asanas & meditation

• 1x BeYond SPIRIT & REALITY: Discovery talks on Awareness with Michael & meditation
• 1x BeYond NOURISH: Nourish your body. Nourish your soul. Your health path.

In a group retreat you will have these as Individual sessions:
• 1x BeYond TOUCH: Master Alchemic Healing through Reiki
• 1x BeYond INSIGHT: Soul Path Clairvoyance session with therapy, regression

In a Couple BeYond Retreat we will customize the retreat with the elements needed for you as a couple to go as deep BeYond together as possible.
You will have the above sessions and as well couple therapy coaching, tantra therapy coaching.

I first got to know Tanya via the internet for her online Clairvoyance sessions. And I vividly remember our first online session. She agreed immediately I had to change several quite important aspects of my life. No beating about the bush or trying to accommodate me. She was very direct, convincing and strong in her clairvoyance. In the months to come, she guided me step by step – always pushing the challenge a little further than I thought I was able to – in a clear, soft but firm way. And she never lost her angelic smile. I went through it all and after three months, I had changed more than I ever thought would be possible and manifested plenty of miracles.

Anna teacher & coach, Switzerland

Tanya, I am deeply glad and thankful you have so clear and clean a soul and contact to the Universe.

Birgitte, therapist Denmark

I never had a clairvoyant session, so this might be an interesting opportunity I thought. And what an eye opening and soul awakening experience that was!!!. During our sessions Tanya would not only offer me insight into my life experiences but would offer her clairvoyant view as well. I was surprised by the ‘higher knowledge’ she had access to. And to avoid any misunderstanding, her insights and knowledge were way more than just psychological advice or humanitarian wisdom. I myself have some knowledge of psychology, I am capable to offer insight and reflection to people, understand transference and counter-transference in therapeutic settings, but Tanya had more. I am still not quite sure how to describe it. I have now had more than 15 sessions with her including as well 2 retreats in Bagno Vignoni with her and hear husband Michael.

Andrea, Doctor Australia

I have tried many spiritually therapy forms but it was after the first personal session with Tanya in Denmark I realized that she was working with the highest and purest loving form that exist The Source – God. That day I meet my spiritual teacher Tanya. Since I started having sessions with Tanya my life has changed completely! It has now been 1 year where I have regular Skype meetings with Tanya and my inner journey continues with Tanya’s warmhearted and incredible guidance. It has been the most rewarding personal inner journey I have ever been one and I can’t wait to go a step deeper each time together with Tanya. I have finally come back home into my heart. With my new spiritual awareness and by surrendering fully to God I have reconnected with myself again and I can now live a more heart fulfilling and happier life forward. Tanya is truly one of the most authentic compassionate loving soul’s I have ever meet in my life! I am sincerely deep deep thankful to her for guiding me back in touch with my old soul which has lead me reuniting with my soul’s purpose this day. I’m forever grateful to you Tanya! ❤

Rikke Holmkvist, Bali (Sessions and retreat in Goa, India)

Tanya is, to me, the incarnation of love. I immediately felt safe and confident with her. She is beautiful, gentle, shining like the sun. Everything she does contains love. Through her teachings, her healings and her love, Tanya gave me confidence in myself and in life. She answered some deep questionings I had about myself, helping me understand some of my big emotional blocks. The meditation sessions with Tanya are very powerful. She has a voice that immediately carries you away from space and time and guides you towards your inner self, to your heart.

Jessica, Switzerland 2016

I have had 5 strong session with you Tanya, and from the first moment I could express my deepest emotions and release lots of pains. I have never felt such accurate spiritual guidance like this before.

♥ Efrat, Australia

Tanya is an amazing soul, full of love and light and on first meeting with her I felt very drawn to her, simply by standing near you can feel love and positive energy emanating from her. She has incredible healing and intuitive abilities. In my sessions with her she brought to me validation on “strange things” I somehow have always known without knowing how I knew, and she also released a big emotional block/baggage of which I hadn’t been aware I was carrying but made perfect sense to me afterwards and now. Since my connection with Tanya I am full of positive expectations, belief and consistently feel like I’m in a little love bubble with life. Good things to come!

Lisa, Irealand/ Brazil

One of the things that has always struck me is her ability to use the right word that becomes the key to open first of all our hearts, and then the various doors of our lives. Tanya brings you to a state of heightened awareness, and thus of strength, allowing you to recognise what is actually already in you but which your fear prevents you from seeing clearly. I have used her sessions again and again.

Stella Silba, Italy

Tanya is not only a wonderful healer, she gives sound advice within her clairvoyant ability and can also regress to past life scenarios which can help us understand some of our struggles in this life. My sessions with Tanya were extremely powerful and with the knowledge I gained I have begun to move forward. I have been blocked, as many of us are, and her spiritual guidance has been invaluable to me. My regression has without doubt, confirmed a very poignant matter that had bothered me all my life. I have now moved through it. She has acute spiritual awareness and also a loving and giving heart that she shares with all of us. My sincere thanks to Tanya,

Jacqueline Waugh, UK

The sessions with Tanya Aprile has definitely been incisive & stimulating to overcome problems that have long held back in my life. Tanya and her husband Michael have allowed me to raise the level of awareness that before I dared not even imagine possible. Their contribution has released all my personal artistic skills, emotional, real and profound reconnection with my spiritual side. Thanks to Tanya and Michael to have created fertile ground to bring forth the “star seed” on this planet that has an extreme need for change.

Jancy Beltrami, Italy

Everybody can attend a online BeYond retreat with Tanya and Michhael
When you sign up for a retreat and payment has been done, you will revice an email from us with different details to write about where you are this moment, how your health are etc. For Tanya and Mochael to prepare in the best way to give you the deepest BeYond experience as possible.
You will receive your program, when to meet online and “where”
You will connect with them mainly on skype and zoom on you ipad, phone or computer.

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Payment need to be done latest 1 week prior to your retreat. You can pay via bank wire transfer and through paypal. You will receive payment details with your booking email from BeYond.

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