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Package 5 nights/ 6 days


  • 29th April – 4th May –  1ST OF MAY HOLIDAY 
  • 16th May – 21st May 


  • 30th May – 4th June 
  • 20th – 25th June


  • 4th – 9th July 
  • 18th – 23rd July


  • 12th – 17th August FERRAGOSTO 
  • 22nd – 27th August


  • 5th – 10th September 
  • 19th – 24th September


  • 3rd – 8rd October 
  • 17th – 22nd October 


  • 29th October – 3rd November

Room for 2 persons shared 

  • Classical shared room (20 m2) per person: 2475 Euro
  • Superior shared room (30 m2) per person: 2675 Euro

Private room for 1 person

  • Classical room for single use (20 m2) per person: 2775 Euro
  • Superior room for single use (30 m2) per person : 3475 Euro


  • 4 Morning BeYond openness: reaching deep within your heart through prayers, mantra chanting, powerful yoga asanas & meditation with Tanya
  • 1 BeYond Immersion: Immerse into the thermal water with different exercises and meditation to release, move beyond, find peace with Tanya & Michael
  • 1 BeYond Ecstatic: Release, free yourself, feel you and reach deep within yourself through music, movements and meditation with Tanya
  • 1 BeYond Health: The BeYond Complete Health Package. Live a healthy life free from diseases and full of life energy with Michael
  • 1 BeYond Nature: Find deep peace. Guided almost mystical meditation while moving through & sitting in nature With Tanya
  • 1 BeYond Power: Connect to your power within from where everything flows. Martial Art followed by meditation with Michael
  • BeYond Spirit: Discovery talks on awareness with Michael


  • 1 BeYond Touch: Master alchemic healing through Reiki with Michael
  • 2 BeYond insight: Soul path clairvoyance therapy session with healing and regression with Tanya
  • 1 BeYond Health: Your personal health path. Optimize your health, heal unbalances and diseases with Michael
  • 1 BeYond Flow:  Reach BeYond. Water floating with a mixture of reiki and watsu – a true aquatic soul dive with Michael
  • 4 nights’ Accommodation in shared room / for single use in Classical  room (20m2) or Superior room ( 30m2) at Hotel Posta Marcucci
  • Delicious breakfast buffet
  • Unlimited access to the 2 thermal out door hot pools
  • Unlimited access to the indoor spa area
  • “Under the stars” swim in the outdoor thermal pools, with snacks and wine (Wednesday, Saturday evenings from 9pm-midnight)
  • Welcome drink and Bagno Vignoni orientation tour


Tanya and Michael are beautiful, humble, authentic human beings who have a real purpose in life. The experience was life changing.

Dani, UK, September 2018 (Bagno Vignoni)

I knew Tanya and Michael from sessions in Goa and it was my dream for a long time to go to one of their retreats in Italy, in Bagno Vignoni, to do a complete retreat week with them. I am so happy I decided to go!

A Beyond Retreat is a gift to yourself. For me it was a magical and sometimes also painful journey into my own heart, soul and being, but during the entire retreat I felt always beautifully guided by Tanya and Michael.

The retreat is well put together with different elements such as yoga and meditation in the morning, and many different sessions during the day varying from reiki to dance meditation and clairvoyance. Some sessions took place in the thermal baths with a view on the Tuscan hills that was really breathtaking. Tanya and Michael are the ones who organized every detail and guided, supported and motivated me during the entire retreat. They are very professional in their work and approach, and besides that, also lovely people to spend time with. I felt very safe in their company to do all the sessions that were not always easy at certain times, because of internal work and experiences that came up, but I always felt lifted up and good afterwards. I think I went beyond myself even. Not to forget, the retreat group existed of very nice people that made the experience even more special. We are still all in touch with each other and have become friends.

The hotel where I stayed was amazing and everything was more beautiful than on the pictures. I felt very pampered during the entire retreat. The thermal baths are very special and healing, the food is delicious in the hotel and other restaurants in the small village of Bagno Vignoni and there are also a few little cute shops around. I could not think of a better place for a retreat and would definitely like to go back.

In my opinion, a Beyond retreat is never really finished, because when you go home, you take this precious gift with you. I am still continuing my practice based on what I experienced and learned at the retreat. Thank you Magic Michael and Treasure Tanya for an unforgettable experience and hopefully see you again one day at one of your retreats!

Maud Marchant, France     Bagno, Vignoni 2020

You are ambassadors of love. Thank you so much Tanya and Michael for all the light and the wellness you brought me, opening my mind and heart. You gave me so much!

Chris, France, Oct 2018 (Bagno Vignoni)

BeYond is the island that we are all wanting to reach. Some of us never find it. Some of us catch glimpses yet never land. Some land but can not find a way to stay. And some of us let go and allow ourselves to be lifted onto the golden sand, this is the experience BeYond offers you.

Leave behind all that is holding you back, step out of the ocean, walk into your true nature, find the heart in all things.

To go BeYond is to see clearly. Old habits and behaviors in the mind, stored pain in the body, unhealthy and even toxic habits in daily living; all that is not serving you or humanity at this time.

BeYond the layers of conditioning, and closed circuits in your energetic field, you come to know and experience your highest self, a light-filled living, and present possibility.

Life is not easy, no one can fix you but you can take the support and guidance of those who have traveled the path before you and draw yourself and your life closer to the light by understanding and transforming your pain. To call love and light back into the center of you, so that with love discipline, and patience you can return to the island of your heart time and time again- even once you leave the paradise of the retreat setting.

Tanya and Michael offer this support with so much love and joy and the experience of Bagnio Vignoni brings such tranquility not to mention the power of living water to cleanse heal wash away, rejuvenate heal and restore. The connection with Group, I am sure will continue to bloom in its time and space.

This is a true gift to you and the world on all levels.

Nella, UK     Bagno Vignoni 2020

“A strongly recommended life changing retreat!”. Thank you Tanya and Michael for this amazing and unforgettable 4 days Luxury Spiritual Retreat. I am so grateful to everything you did for me. You have both an unique personality which makes this retreat so special and wonderful. I loved all classes, but especially the spiritual yoga and meditation in the sun by the pool with T. She has a beautiful and calm voice. She learned me how to embrace the fear with love and gave me tools in how to send my inner prayers to the universe for them to be solved. I also found the Clairvoyance therapy with T and the Reiki with M life changing. Both T and M are passionated about this retreat and I felt they had a personal desire to see me grow and glow. They understood my inner needs from day 1 and had a plan for me during these 4 days which they succeeded very well with. I felt I was filled up with lots of hope and love, personal strength and a clear path going forward. The hotel with the healing water, the small village Bagno Vignoni gave a beautiful, calm and a safe atmosphere in order for me to be myself and to open up. I will also thank T and M to include me and to show me their beautiful Tuscany world. I loved it all and I will strongly recommend this retreat to all people who need inner peace, who want to find their purpose in life and the right path. The local food and the local wine were fantastic, tasty and very fresh. M’s diet/health class was inspiring. His family looked incredible healthy. Miss you all!!!

L.M Sweden      Bagno Vignoni 2019

The journey within. Place Bagno Vignoni, in the heart of Tuscany. Thermal healing water, magic views and that’s just a beginning. We started the journey in Slovakia, the group of 10 people and 2 guides. Down in Tuscany we met our 2 spiritual teachers Tanya and Michael. And then the adventure began. Tanya and Michael led us on our journey within. With yoga, meditation, intuitive dancing, floating, reiki, clairvoyance… they helped us to realize who we are deep in our hearts and to become new persons. Our group feels like a family after just 4 days together. It’s because we created deep connection in our hearts. This was an unforgettable experience and I warmly recommend it for everyone who is searching for inner self.

Love Beata, Vienna 2019 (Bagno Vignoni)

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